Company Overview

Educatius International, a global study abroad organization founded in 2003, is an industry leader in the field of international education. Specializing in high school through post-secondary instruction, the organization assists students who are interested in studying abroad. They are instrumental in helping with the many different kinds of visa programs that require significant oversight by government entities, regulatory compliance and strict adherence to ethical, legal, and business practices.

The organization’s impressive global reach:

  • 30 offices and schools throughout 14 countries and 28 cities
  • Students from over 45 countries participate in the programs
  • Thousands of students total to all countries per year
  • More than 500 international recruiting partners
  • Over 2,000 global educational partners

Services Provided

  • Sitecore Architecture
  • Sitecore Development
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Lucene Search Implementation
  • Multi-lingual Implementation (English, Chinese)
  • SEO Optimizations

Paragon Consulting, as part of a team engagement including Educatius, Explorius (a Norwegian placement organization), and Acando (another development firm), focused on the addition of eight (8) individual websites inside of one multi-site Sitecore instance.

From a single website, USA Boarding Schools, Paragon was able to create the following websites: USA Private Schools, USA Public Schools, UK Boarding Schools, UK Private Schools, UK Boarding Schools, UK Schools, USA Schools and umbrella websites for schools in all countries. Each school website features a listing of the individual schools by area. To educate users, the school listings include popular destinations near the school, some blogs (which are referred to as Journal Entries) and other relevant information about the school itself.

All of the individual school sites re-use certain items, components and content. A sophisticated, faceted search shows schools based on selected criteria; the search component is integrated across all sites and is powered by Lucene to quickly provide relevant results. In addition, the user can now switch between the search results listing and the map view, which shows schools on an interactive map for a better visual presentation and user experience. Integration with the Google Maps API and the Chinese version of Google Maps (in case the user is browsing from China) allows for the functionality to work on a global scale.

Another part of the project focused on forms. Now, the user can easily submit a short form for inquiry or fill an application to request participation in the school programs. Automatic email replies are generated, responsible parties are notified and the potential student is automatically entered into Microsoft Dynamics (CRM). Someone is then assigned to the new lead and the follow-up workflow begins.

“Paragon's breadth of experience with Sitecore is invaluable. We wanted to provide broad international coverage and easy way for students around the world to find and apply for programs we offer. Paragon's involvement was immediately felt and made the difference.”

- Carla Kearns, Project Manager, Educatius International