Company Overview

The goal for this multiple phase project was to migrate ODH’s current CMS and intranet and to a new updated intranet site, powered by Sitecore, while keeping its current look and feel.

On the homepage, Paragon’s development team converted over custom code creating interactive tabs such as “news” or “events.” The site layout and architecture included contents, layouts, sub layouts, custom items, and workflow framework, allowing it to be user friendly for ODH users. A Media Resource Center was created that includes a Media center, New Releases, Archived News and a Video Library.  

The site also includes a complex customized section that centralized a listing of agency employee forms and documents. This required setting up categories, related & associated documents and forms within folders that could be filtered, and document attributed.

ODH also completed  Developer & Administration Sitecore training with Paragon, which was designed to help their staff learn the fundamental concepts and techniques for building powerful websites with the Sitecore. Training covered concepts and best practices on a wide variety of topics including: Developer Interfaces, Real World Solutions, Developer Interfaces, Content and Presentation, Admin Tools, Security and Administration and Monitoring.

Services Provided

+ Sitecore Architecture
+ Sitecore Development
+ Sitecore Training
+ Sitecore Migration

“Cris Corra and Paragon’s team were wonderful to work with on our multiple phase project. Cris always went the extra mile to ensure all bugs and kinks were worked out and performed all proper testing prior to the launch. She went to great lengths to ensure the site ran properly and the launch went smoothly and glitch free.”

– Tim Lei, Senior Web Administrator/Designer of ODH