Company Overview

Preparis is the first global business preparedness company created to deliver a web-based platform of intelligence, information and services that protect a company's employees, staff, revenue, operations and brand ahead of the threat. Preparis enables companies and their employees to do business with confidence in a globalizing world. 21st century threats, such as terrorism, pandemics, natural disasters and everyday disruptions, can disrupt a workforce, operations and client service without warning. Preparis provides the experience, innovative research methods and technologies required to achieve best-in-class preparedness, which succeeds in delivering critical, easy-to-use, on-demand services to desktops and mobile devices. Started in 2001, Preparis is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Services Provided

  • Discovery & Design
  • Sitecore Architecture
  • Sitecore Development
  • Extranet Implementation

Because Preparis is selling a service that is entirely delivered via the web, their site is essentially their product. The site needed to integrate with a number of systems including IM (Instant Messaging), e-Mail and mobile devices. Preparis was also interested in capturing best practices and internal knowledge transfer. After an extensive RFP process, Paragon was singled out as the most competent vendor.

Paragon designed and built Preparis' Sitecore-based extranet, which is the main product that they sell to their customers. The portal is completely brandable for each customer, has a sophisticated multi-tennant security model, offers document repository features including deep search, and features an innovative messaging system (text, voice, e-Mail) for tracking human capital during a disaster. Many functions are also available through custom smartphone applications.