2017 Sitecore Symposium Presentation

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Sneak Peek into the Hottest Presentation at this Year's Sitecore Symposium: Adding AdWords to the Experience

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As the one responsible for converting site visitors into purchasing and engaged consumers of your delightful coffee products at The Coffeehouse, management had empowered you with budget and latitude to make engagements.

Looking at the detail statistics Sitecore Experience Platform has provided, you've noticed a lot of search term traffic, and begin to wonder if the leveraging of targeted ads could help in achieving better interested parties as well as remarketing to those who've already visited. What troubles you a little is that you've already put a great deal of work into classifying and setting up marketing goals within Sitecore and to recreate it in another platform would be a significant undertaking.

In my session, "Adding AdWords to the experience", at the Sitecore Symposium (#SitecoreSym) in Las Vegas, we will explore some touchpoints that allow your Sitecore Experience configuration to help manage Google Ad Words remarketing and conversion tracking activities.

Successful Google AdWord bid strategies are a critical component in converting Google searches to site visits and new customers. While Sitecore has a wealth of information about your site's content and visitor behavior, it doesn't have interaction with your Google AdWords buys—until now.

Tuesday, October 17 | 3:15 PM
Adding AdWords to the Experience
How to influence and automate Google AdWords buys and bidding

Presented by: Scott Gillis, Lead Consultant and Sitecore MVP, and Matt Russo, Lead Strategist