Top Things Clients Overlook When Upgrading to Sitecore 9

September 23, 2018

By Rob Reilley, Senior Developer and Sitecore MVP

Sitecore Forms.

If you have gotten to the point where you are a comfortable with WFFM you will be disappointed to know that it will be phasing out and replaced by Sitecore Forms. With each update release for Sitecore 9 WFFM will be replaced. Sitecore Forms though unlike WFFM comes with Sitecore and there is rel="noopener noreferrer" no need for a separate install.


There rel="noopener noreferrer" are a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to PowerShell, but once you learn to utilize it you will be happy you did. With Sitecore 9 installation using PowerShell this is the directions things are rel="noopener noreferrer" going. The good news is that you can do a lot of things in PowerShell with Sitecore 9 that you could not do in the past as it is more integrated in 9 than it has been before. There are a lot of Sitecore PowerShell extensions that can be easily utilized.


If you found some incompatibilities rel="noopener noreferrer" when using other systems, especially front-end with Sitecore you have nothing to fear now that JSS will help you bridge the gap. You don’t rel="noopener noreferrer" have to worry about custom modules.


Being introduced in Sitecore 9.1 is a new component called Cortex that circumferences machine learning. This will allow marketers rel="noopener noreferrer" to explore new avenues to reach out to customers that were not normally thought of or possible in the past.

Dynamic Placeholders

In the past, dynamic placeholders were a separate rel="noopener noreferrer" module install much like WFFM. Now dynamic placeholders come with Sitecore 9. No longer a third-party module is required, as it is part of the core framework.

Sitecore NuGet Feed

The Sitecore NuGet Feed was introduced before Sitecore 9, but now more than ever you should rel="noopener noreferrer" utilize this in all your Sitecore projects. It will make references work well in development teams and keep things up to date.

Sitecore Package Updater

With the Sitecore package updater, things are now simplified upgrading from one version of Sitecore 9 to another. There will be rel="noopener noreferrer" some manual intervention still, but at the same time there are protocols in place to make sure the installation goes much smoother to begin with.

Better Microsoft Azure PaaS Support

With Sitecore 9 better integration had been done to support Microsoft rel="noopener noreferrer" Azure. Using Sitecore 9 will allow a much better transition to cloud hosting and make your website much more scalable.


All of these features are important in the evolution of not only Sitecore, but being competitive as well. Consider a company that has been through numerous Sitecore 9 upgrades. Not only can this benefit you technically, but also help you learn how to utilize Sitecore 9’s latest features.

Let’s schedule a time to talk about if an upgrade makes sense for you.