A message from our CEO, John W. Ours

For release March 13, 2020


Dear Friends and Neighbors of Paragon:


Yesterday Governor Mike DeWine pushed Ohio to the forefront of the national pandemic conversation by enacting some of the most aggressive guidelines in the country for increasing social distancing, minimizing viral spread, and delaying the onset of community transmission. On the same day, The Cleveland Clinic announced that they have become one of the first hospitals in the country that can test for the virus in-house, and will immediately begin testing hundreds of patients per day with results in just a few hours. I am proud that our state, often considered at the forefront of healthcare, is taking a leadership role in the response to this threat even though we have very few confirmed cases.

It is our responsibility at Paragon to apply the same level of caution and care for our employees and the community around us that the Governor is asking of other organizations in our state. Therefore Paragon has taken the following actions:

• Asked all employees and contractors to work from home through at least the first week of April, to help combat community transmission

• Removed restrictions on being the primary caregiver when working from home, to ease the burden of child care while schools are closed

• Eliminated all international travel, and domestic travel unrelated to customer projects, to minimize spread of the virus

• Increased the frequency of internal communications, to help our employees monitor the situation

• Provided guidelines pertaining to hygiene, movement, and monitoring symptoms, to help our employees stay safe and healthy

Furthermore, to ensure continuity for our customers, we are making the following additional changes to our operations:

• Creating plans to support employees with necessary equipment and supplies if they are quarantined but healthy and able to work

• Increasing the resources available to our Managed Services department and accelerating cross training to ensure continuous support services

• Expanding capacity and flexibility to meet the increased demand from our Healthcare clients and others as they manage through this crisis

Fortunately, working remotely is business as usual for Paragon, as a large percentage of our development staff routinely works from various geographies across the United States. We have decades of experience evolving our approach, honing our collaboration tools, and developing methodologies for an optimal remote working experience. We do not anticipate any disruption as we shift to a fully remote working model.

Paragon is committed to keeping our services online and running without interruption as long as it takes for this crisis to pass. We feel that these preventative steps will keep our organization running smoothly and ensure that our employees, our community, and our customers emerge from this pandemic with as little impact as possible.


John W. Ours
Paragon Consulting, Inc. | CEO

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