The Cleveland Clinic

A major name in medicine calls for a major site rebuild.


Founded in 1921, the Cleveland Clinic is one of the most identifiable names in modern medicine. With over 5 million yearly patient visits, and some of the most renowned medical teams in the world, Cleveland Clinic’s online identity has remained a steadily important factor in their overall portfolio.




Previously a SharePoint 2007 public page, the Cleveland Clinic website was in need of a complete overhaul and upgrade. The site had a complex navigation and taxonomy structure that utilized a third-party application as well as large blocks of content that would need to be divided into individual content items to achieve a cleaner content organization.



Over a two-month period, Paragon’s team met with Cleveland Clinic representatives to assess the various content types and establish a plan. Once deciding to transition to Sitecore, we developed custom procedures and mapping services to migrate nearly 11,000 pages of content and 25,000 PDFs and images. In addition, we created layouts and sublayouts that would accommodate targeted content (personalization), A/B testing and cross-site sharing of content. Sitecore was an obvious solution for Cleveland Clinic, and the masterfully executed, easily navigated site now accommodates millions of visitors each year.