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A major player in Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurial network, JumpStart provides practical solutions for growing companies. When tasked with building a new website, JumpStart looked no further than Sitecore, and enlisted Paragon to get them up and running.




With their original site built on an inmature CMS, JumpStart approached Paragon with a robust problem set. The website would need to be rebuilt from scratch—a daunting task for any organization. JumpStart needed a platform that would be easy for entrepreneurs to access, and simple for staff to keep updated on a regular basis as the nature of entrepreneurship continues to evolve.



Our team set out to construct a site with straightforward navigation, spotlighted videos, and accessible blogging features.  We created a structure that can endure repeated rounds of changes, and adapt to fit current industry trends. Through implementing shared content functionalities, appropriately tagging identifiable content, and adding form templates, we delivered a site where JumpStart’s customers effortlessly interact. The design of the site, once a significant cause of JumpStart’s concern, became smarter, and now aligns with both JumpStart’s audience and the company’s internal goals.