Healthcare Organization

Industry-Leading Healthcare Client

A leading healthcare organization wanted to move forward with new features and enhanced functionality of their site. Unsure of the path ahead, they needed a support partner they could count on to take their site to the next level.




A key part of our client’s website was not being updated with the most current information. Another key feature was offline due to an application error.  Because they did not have the documentation to support the current functionality on their site, many unknowns remained.  The current code base was not identified, and was distributed amongst several vendors, which led to the uncertainty of their site platform’s stability. Ready to move forward, our client needed a way to make code updates and add new functionality in a stable, reliable way.



To begin, Paragon gathered all source code from various vendors and identified the current code bases.  We then set up and hosted a secure, reliable source control repository to be used with a new and improved deployment process.  We gathered all known documentation and interviewed the vendors, created new documentation of site functionality and dependencies, and implemented a tracking system for managing and prioritizing all outstanding support items and requests. Our weekly Managed Services call with the client’s team ensured that all questions remained answered and that all updates were communicated and maintained.

Over time, we created a QA environment to allow for reliable testing and client approval of new development – with no impact to their current production site. Through the QA process, we were able to identify key issues, such as outages, and worked quickly to get them back online.  Once stable, we performed a full site upgrade to Sitecore 8.2.


Today, our client is better able to focus on their primary goal of connecting more people with their services. With the proper technology at hand – and our team guiding them through the process – they are nimbler and ready for what’s to come.