Offering technical support to the life sciences industry, with a brand-new environment to call home.


A leader in the greater life sciences industry, Promega Corporation’s products provide solutions that enable cutting-edge research to continue in labs across the world. With over 50 international distributors, the Promega site needed to serve as a hub for researchers in every corner of the globe. That’s where Paragon came in.  




Promega came to us with a site that was properly architected, but still required the IT department’s involvement with content publishing—muddying results in the process. Seeking to build upon proper best practices, Promega hoped to upgrade to a system that would both collect detailed analytics and give their team the tools to apply changes on the fly. In the interest of maximizing both staff and visitor experiences, Promega realized that their site required some major renovation.



In order to properly assess Promega’s site, Paragon performed a Sitecore Best Practices Audit. From there, we determined the best course of action by developing a plan that would improve upon the existing structure, while also facilitating future sustainability. Our building strategy included the development of multilingual support, a dynamic site map, and a fully integrative feature for Promega customers setting up new labs. The result? A technologically sound and visually compelling site that Promega customers can feel comfortable surfing—and employees can feel comfortable managing.