Adding AdWords to the Experience

Presented by: Scott Gillis, Lead Consultant and Sitecore MVP, and Matt Russo, Lead Strategist

How To Influence And Automate Google AdWords Buys And Bidding

Originally presented at the 2017 Sitecore Symposium as a part of the marketing breakout sessions, this webinar demonstrates a Sitecore xMarketing System that has been integrated with Google AdWords.

Successful Google AdWord bid strategies are a critical component in converting Google searches to site visits and new customers. While Sitecore has a wealth of information about your site’s content and visitor behavior, it doesn’t interact with your Google AdWords buys—until now.

During this webinar, Scott & Matt walk you through the possibilities of using Sitecore visitor engagement Values to influence and automate Google AdWords buys and bidding. As you gain a better understanding of what makes for an engaged customer, you will better leverage the money you spend to create higher conversion rates and drive more sales.

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