Building a Pragmatic Personalization Program

Presented by: Ted Schadler, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester

Building a Pragmatic Personalization Program Recap – July 2017

Paragon recently hosted a compelling Thought Leadership event led by Ted Schadler, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester. Ted kicked off the session by defining the three main kinds of personalization:

  • Personalize based on a segment - "You seem like the kind of person that's interested in this?"
  • Personalized based on customer knowledge - "You just bought this item, can we help you with it?"
  • Personalized based on assumed or predicted intent - "It appears you are looking for this, can we help you with it?"

We also had an inside look at customer stories, such as Target and Amazon, to highlight their customer-first approach to personalization. How their techniques worked to drive a pragmatic, agile approach.

Following, we dove into the evening's main discussion as Ted introduced a new approach to personalization. One that blends customer experience, business value, agile development, big data, and a personalization architecture.

A pragmatic approach to personalization: The power, promise, and perils of personalization

  • Identify key personalization moments
  • Design personalized experiences
  • Engineer your platforms, processes, and people
  • Analyze to optimize outcomes and experiences

Most memorable comment of the evening, made by Ted, "If my website was an employee I would fire them immediately!"

Don't fire yourself just yet, let's talk about how Paragon can help!

It's no secret personalization is hard, even within a single touchpoint such as email marketing or web engagement. It's harder still to treat customers in a personal way across all touchpoints and steps in their journey. But to improve your customer engagement and the value you can deliver, you must tackle personalization at scale.