Discover how to use Alexa and voice design to improve the urgent care experience.

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“Alexa, Help Me Optimize My Customers’ Urgent Care Experience”
Tuesday, November 17, 2020 | 11:50 AM
Matt Hummel, Chief Experience Officer, Paragon
Seamus O’Reilly, Senior Director, Content Marketing and Digital Presence, Duke Health
With over 200 million Alexa-enabled devices in customers’ hands worldwide, it’s time to start considering voice as a channel before you’re behind the eight-ball – a lesson many organizations learned during the evolution of mobile. In this session, hear Duke Health’s approach to piloting voice design with an Alexa Skill to improve their customer’s access to urgent care – and lessons learned to help you concept, design and implement a skill in Amazon’s ecosystem.

You’ll learn:
– Why it’s important to start considering voice as a platform
– Key items to include in a technical requirements document
– How to create an interaction model for multi-turn conversations between the user and skill
– Lessons learned from designing, building, and hosting the skill
– Nomenclature related to voice design
– How to integrate APIs including Clockwise, Google Maps, and others
– Challenges such as phonetic representations, anticipating one-shots and utterances, and UAT testing strategies.

Presenter Profiles

Seamus O’Reilly is Senior Director, Content Marketing and Digital Presence at Duke Health with responsibility for consumer and B2B websites and related innovation. Beforehand, Seamus was Director of Digital Strategy at Carnegie Hall and worked with WebMD.

Matt Hummel is the Chief Experience Officer at Paragon. He is an established thought leader and strategist in the healthcare marketing industry, having delivered meaningful business results for companies including Duke Health, Highmark Blue Shield, and Geisinger Health System along his 20+ year career.

Seamus O’Reilly

Senior Director, Content Marketing and Digital Presence, Duke Health

Matt Hummel

Matt Hummel

Chief Experience Officer, Paragon

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