Modernize your digital experience with our custom API-driven architecture.

Avoid the hassles of re-platforming and vendor lock-in with custom APIs

Staying ahead of the competition means being nimble, innovative, and customer-centric.  Our thoughtful approach to API architecture makes digital evolution simpler (and faster).  Easily integrate your preferred technologies behind a secure custom API development layer – giving you the freedom to switch outdated tools, mix and match best-in-breed technologies, and avoid vendor lock-in or re-platforming on the back-end, without ever compromising the journey your customer experiences on the front-end.  

Some call it Jamstack, headless or MACH.  We call it smart.

The Benefits of an API-Driven Architecture

API-driven architecture allows companies to take a composable approach to evolve their digital ecosystems and maximize their headless CMS.  When every component behind the custom API is pluggable, replaceable and scalable – organizations gain the flexibility to combine technologies on the back-end to exactly meet their needs without sacrificing the front-end customer experience.

  • Execute a best-in-breed technology approach with composable, modular implementation that removes vendor lock-in
  • More security and stability due to a lower chance of compromise with decoupled technologies
  • Scale faster by adding new technologies without waiting for new features to be added to all-in-one monolithic solutions
  • Eliminate the need for long and messy re-platforming projects
  • Update individual microservices without impacting the entire front-end experience
  • Create more human-centered front end experiences by integrating microservices that accelerate and support the customer’s journey
  • Contain third-party integrations securely behind the API rather than messily integrated into the CMS

UH needed a knowledgeable and skilled partner to help leverage more advanced Sitecore capabilities. Paragon guided this complex process and helped UH create a more engaging website to better align with the needs of our patients along the digital patient journey.

Matt Eaves, VP Digital Marketing – University Hospitals

Our Custom API-Driven Architecture Services

We build secure, private, and public-facing custom APIs that help streamline enterprises, integrate applications, and fulfill front-end customer experiences through services including:

The Paragon Difference on API Development

Paragon’s custom API development services help IT teams integrate back-end applications flawlessly to make them accessible to the visitor – providing users access to every function within the platform while allowing Marketers to maximize the impact of Headless CMS and all front-end frameworks.  We handle assessment, design, strategy and implementation for all custom API development and platform integration projects through a methodology that includes:   

CIOs and technology executives at businesses that consider themselves to be highly modular expect revenues to increase on average 7.7% versus 3.4% for those who don’t (Gartner).


Designing for Conversion

See how we worked with PSECU to envision, design and develop a new financial services website allowing for greater personalization, accessibility, and ultimately, increased conversion.

Clients we’ve served:

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Custom API Development from experienced architects

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