At Paragon, we specialize in agency-style engagements paired with technical-style execution. We provide services that honor our firm’s technical roots—and our customers’ bottom lines. Our team is small enough to offer personalized attention yet large enough to tackle your most complicated problem set.

Managed Services

A pillar of Paragon, our robust managed services plan can serve as the perfect solution for those requiring guidance in the care of their sites. With a monthly retainer of hours, managed services includes everyday access to our team of experts, and allows your staff to gain peace of mind when it comes to bug fixes, minor site enhancements, and more.

The moment an issue or request pops up, managed services clients can give us a call or drop us a line. With sleeves rolled up, our team then works quickly to restore the site’s good health or to improve upon existing structure—with nearly undetectable interruption to your online operations. Together, we’ll ensure your site’s success—from day one to day 1,001.


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Web Development Services

The ecosystem of the web is our natural habitat. We thrive in it. But we know it’s easy to get lost in the jungle of technicalities, and that it’s not always easy to translate a vision into technology. That’s where our CMS Development service comes in.


No matter what your vision requires, we’ll find the tools needed to create it. From airline reservations, to curbside ordering, to mobile banking, we’ve created highly technical solutions for highly practical ideas. As a team, we’ll get to know your long-term aspirations and create a site that mirrors your goals, giving you the freedom to manage and edit the site’s content and other functions as you go.

Staff Augmentation

Need someone to fill a role? We’ll send someone in.


Our team of staff is trained and at-the-ready to provide your project with expertise. Depending upon your current needs, we’ll supply just the right amount of support, eliminating the need to  recruit and vet temporary help. Whether you’re on a deadline, or on the precipice of a specialized project, our team will support you and guide you on your journey.


Offered both as a standalone and a companion product, our training programs serve to lead your staff on the path to success. Because when your staff succeeds, your site succeeds.


Our approach to training is threefold, with program benefits available to authors and editors, developers, and administrators. Using a generic site as a model, we have developed curriculum that we will bring to your company, including exercises and collateral. For those seeking a more tailored experience, we also offer trainings with curriculum customized to your organization.


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Paragon is here to help you navigate your upgrade path. When it comes to critical site upgrades, we offer a professional perspective, and will facilitate complex manual configurations with ease. Sites come with moving parts, and we are here to keep them moving.


Site upgrades can be a nuisance—particularly in the wake of what they leave behind. With so many new features, and small differences between versions, site upgrades can be pushed down on the priority list for fear of the unknown. Our team serves to eliminate this fear, applying the upgrade for you and walking you through each step of the process.


Every site needs a strategy. We are here to help you build one.


In considering your long-term goals, we’ll craft a plan that understands your business and honors the continually evolving nature of marketing technology. We’ll analyze what’s going right—and create new strategies for what’s going wrong.


Together, we’ll craft a program that takes your needs into account, and guides you in choosing solutions that are on par with the outcomes you’ve envisioned.


Our Partners

Paragon’s knowledge is the best in the industry. But our expertise does not end there. Our partnerships with top industry technology providers will ensure the success of your digital journey, no matter what path you endeavor.

Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Episerver Solution Partner