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Nobody knows your business like you do.
Except, perhaps, your customers.

Have you looked at what it’s like to do business with your organization from your customer’s perspective? Paragon can guide you through the process of mapping your customer’s journey – discovering and describing their perception of your offerings and how they experience your brand.  When we include your actual customers in the map-making process, we get to hear first hand what they think and feel about their interactions with you. Building empathy for them doesn’t just help you better understand them; it allows you to uncover opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise.

Identify Customer Behaviors

Get to know what your customer is “doing” along their journey – as well as their emotions, thoughts and feelings that influence decision-making.

Discover Unmet Needs & Pain Points

Remove roadblocks to locate the Moments That Matter — those critical interactions where customer needs can be met and customer loyalty earned.

Better Marketing ROI

Create faster, more efficient sales cycles by proactively delivering the most engaging experience at critical points in the customer’s journey or buying stage.

Optimize Personalization

Inform an ‘Engagement Plan’ – a concrete blueprint for building your website’s IA to anticipate and deliver your customer’s personalized content needs.

Innovate & Differentiate

Uncover creative ways to stand out from the competition and deliver value – and use future-state journey maps to test new experiences with real customers.

Improve Customer Experience

Cultivate meaningful engagements and experiences throughout the journey with your brand, creating more satisfied, loyal and long-term customers.

Great customer experience isn’t about changing the customer into who you want them to be.
Rather, it’s about understanding your customer and making the experience the one they need.

Tailored Options to Fit Your Need

Each project is unique – from omni-channel to digitally-focused journeys. Paragon will tailor your engagement to the level of detail needed to achieve your project goals


The 50,000′ view helpful for brand positioning & messaging


A specific customer journey for deep, insightful and precise data

Length of Journeys

Either finite interactions or longer, lifespan views

Number of Journeys

Single or multiple customer journeys

Array of Perspectives

Single or multiple personas impacting the journey

Paragon’s customer journey maps gave us a 360-degree view of our auto claims process. By including the perspectives of our employees, contact center, claims teams and policyholders, we uncovered opportunities to improve the experience for all of these stakeholders.

Sharon Marburger, VP, Customer Experience – Penn National Insurance

Find out if journey mapping is right for you.

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Improving the Auto Insurance Claims Process

Penn National Insurance

See how Paragon worked with Penn National Insurance to improve their customer experience strengths by digging deeper into a specific but common customer journey – submitting a personal auto insurance claim.
Read the Case Study

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