Design systems promote consistently great experiences.

Design System Benefits

Increase conversions, customer satisfaction, and retention by delivering frictionless digital experiences. A Design System is a centralized digital library of your foundational design elements, patterns, and components (and their functionality) used to provide your business with a shared guide for when to use (and not use) certain rules and features – leading to a consistent look, feel, and performance across all touchpoints. 

  • Gain consistency in design with a centralized pattern library of reusable elements
  • Increase your speed to market for new products and services, saving you time and money
  • Improve the efficiency of your processes and optimize workflows through shared design guidelines
  • Achieve constant product stability by reusing themes and assets that are already QA tested
  • Increase conversions by using predictable interaction and visual design elements for a more frictionless user experience

Design System Services for Enterprises

Help customers understand what to do and what to expect in their experience with your brand.  Design systems and visual systems are about normalizing your website’s features, functionality and style – giving content authors and designers the guidance to apply any given component or element consistently and with intent.   

Design Guide Deliverables

  • Core page construction guide
  • A digital style guide
  • Guidance on uses of design and content elements 
  • Guidance on interaction elements
  • Governance for maintaining digital components
  • Processes for creating new digital components 

The Paragon Difference for Visual System Solutions

Achieving style normalization starts with taking a critical look at every design pattern you have in production.  Our team carefully analyzes both your interaction systems and visual design, looking for redundancies with the intent to create a more consistent experience.

Interaction Systems

CMS & Templates

  • When to apply approved templates
  • What elements or blocks are allowed for specific templates
  • What content goes where

Componentry & Functionality

  • How buttons are supposed to look
  • What styles of menus to use
  • How the shopping cart experience works

Visual Systems

  • Which fonts to use for headers and body copy
  • Which colors to use where
  • When to use your logo and where
  • How much padding to use
  • How to align images and text

Our Design System Methodology

68% of companies report brand consistency has contributed to 10-20% or more of their revenue growth (Lucid Press, 2021 Brand Consistency Report). 

Our Design System Blogs

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Is Your Website Truly Mobile-First?
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Turning Decision Maps Into Real Conversions

Clients we’ve served:

Case Study: Design Systems 101

Are you ready to get started?

If you’re managing one website or many, having a design system that provides guidelines for visual systems and interaction systems can help your brand ensure all of your digital properties look and behave consistently – ultimately delivering a better, frictionless experience for your customers.  It’s especially valuable for organizations that deal with:

  • Large integrated, yet siloed teams
  • Brands with many sub-brands or subsidiaries
  • Sophisticated digital platforms where components require structure
  • Inconsistent user experiences
  • Inefficient design teams

Design System solutions from customer experience architects

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