Deliver better, faster omnichannel experiences with a headless CMS.

Benefits of API-First CMS Options

Don’t let your platform define your customer’s journey 

Simply put, a headless content management system separates a website’s front-end (what the customer sees) from the back-end (what developers and website editors see) through an API-first architecture.  This allows marketing teams to more quickly build omnichannel experiences –  creating content once, then rendering it across the many devices that impact a customer’s journey – while empowering IT to integrate best-in-breed technologies behind a strong API layer.

Done correctly, headless content management systems are a “win-win-win” scenario – 

  • a better, more personalized journey for the customer (win), 
  • better control of the experience for the marketer (win),
  • and the ability for IT teams to decouple from marketing operations (win).

More Benefits of a Headless CMS

Adopting headless CMS options allow enterprise and commerce brands to deliver fast, innovative customer experiences across omnichannel devices – meeting the customer at the right time, in the right place, and with the content they need.  A headless CMS fulfills the customer’s journey in a way that’s simpler for both marketers and IT/developers.

Marketing Benefits of a Headless CMS

  • Increase speed to market by creating content once and reusing it across IoT devices
  • Avoid content siloes and fragmented customer experiences
  • Greater personalization
  • Better web vitals, SEO and shorter load times
  • Faster editing, deployment and control over the front-end UX display

IT / Developer Benefits of a Headless CMS

  • Choose best-in-breed technologies rather than monolithic one-size-fits-all technology stacks
  • Better security due to a decoupled code base – allowing changes to each microservice without affecting others
  • Easier to scale due to modular technology stack and API-first approach
  • Simpler maintenance; no more platform upgrades, re-platforming, or invasive third-party integrations associated with monolithic CMS

“Companies that take a headless approach gain the agility to keep up with customer expectations, put their own touches on front-end experiences, and even expand into new channels and markets.

Forrester Research

We deliver frictionless, stable, and scalable headless web experiences through our API-first approach.

The Paragon Difference for Headless CMS Options

Getting things right in headless relies on a thoughtful API-first approach – executed by architects with experience building robust, secure public APIs.  Paragon’s API-Driven Architecture helps you maximize your Headless Content Management Systems.  We put nearly 30 years of technology and strategy expertise to work in helping you build headless digital experiences that seamlessly integrate all of the back-end functionality necessary to deliver friction-free front-end user experiences.  

Companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to a customer retention rate of 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement (Aberdeen Group).


Designing for Conversion

See how we worked with PSECU to envision, design and develop a new financial services website allowing for greater personalization, accessibility, and ultimately, increased conversion.

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