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Healthcare is complicated.
But it doesn’t need to be.

Like medicine itself, healthcare marketing challenges are complex.  From optimizing Provider Search tools or integrating voice user interface (VUI) such as Alexa Skills – to system-wide websites that are personalized, engaging, and accessible – we understand how to drive conversion.  Our research-driven digital solutions are easy to maintain, scalable, and adhere to HIPAA and ACA guidelines. Most importantly, they’re built with empathy for the consumer.

Some healthcare challenges we’ve solved:

Identifying & Resolving
Patient Pitfalls

Insights & Vision

Delivering Personalized
Digital Experiences

Experience Design & Development

Maximizing Conversions
& Driving Access

Continuous Innovation

The Paragon team has implemented a seamless migration, provided expert advice and top-quality support.

Sr. Marketing Strategist, Summa Health

Rebuilding a Patient-Centered Website

University Hospitals

See how we worked with University Hospitals to envision and execute a new, patient-centered website complete with Sitecore’s latest features and functionality – and the architectural stability and scalability for continued evolution.
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