Nobody knows your business like you do. Except perhaps, your customers.

Customer Journey Mapping Benefits

Have you put yourself in your customer’s shoes? When we include actual customers in the journey mapping process, we learn first-hand what they think and feel about their interactions with you.

  • Learn how customers perceive your brand and offerings
  • Identify customer behaviors and their path to purchase
  • Discover your customer’s journey, their unmet needs and pain points
  • Optimize personalization and innovation
  • Improve customer experience and marketing ROI

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Paragon’s customer journey maps gave us a 360-degree view of our auto claims process. By including the perspectives of our employees, contact center, claims teams and policyholders, we uncovered opportunities to improve the experience for all of these stakeholders.

Sharon Marburger, VP, Customer Experience – Penn National Insurance

Journey Mapping Services & Solutions

Discover and describe your customer’s perception of your offerings and how they experience your brand, with services & deliverables including:


• Persona Identification
• Participant Recruitment
• Surveys & Interviews
• Data Analysis


• Customer Journey Maps
• Future-State Journey Maps
• Decision Maps
• Service Design Plans
• Engagement Plans
• Prioritization Roadmaps
• Action Plans

The Paragon Difference

Each project is unique – from omnichannel to digitally-focused journeys. Paragon will tailor your journey mapping engagement to the level of detail needed to achieve your project goals, including:

Journey maps prioritize customer experience
Customer journey maps are tailored to your specific users’ needs.
Journey mapping should account for the length of the journey.
Our customer journey maps account for even the most complex scenarios.
Customer journey maps account for a variety of personas to ensure optimal experiences.
Journey mapping increases customer satisfaction in the vast majority of cases.

85% of professionals using customer journey maps found an increase in customer satisfaction, lower churn, fewer complaints, and higher NPS (MyCustomer).

Journey Mapping for Penn National Insurance

Improving the Auto Insurance Claims Process

See how Paragon worked with Penn National Insurance to improve their customer experience strengths by digging deeper into a specific but common customer journey – submitting a personal auto insurance claim.

Clients we’ve served:

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Turning Decision Maps Into Real Conversions
Journey Mapping Blog Series: Part 1, Understanding Journey Maps
Journey Mapping Blog Series: Part 1, Understanding Journey Maps

What makes our Journey Mapping unique

  • We’ve been doing customer research for over 20 years, including 8 years of journey mapping
  • We staff real researchers led by PhDs – and a strategy, design & development team to help turn opportunities into reality
  • We conduct interviews with your actual customers – and we’ve done over 1,000 of them (we do the recruiting, too)
  • We think in terms of implementation – not just providing read-outs of results but strategic recommendations to drive conversions (it’s about insights, not findings

“A great customer experience isn’t about changing the customer into who you want them to be. Rather, it’s about understanding your customer and making the experience the one they need.”

– Matt Hummel, Chief Experience Officer, Paragon

Journey mapping from experience architects

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