Case Study

Designing for Conversion

Services in this project:

  • Sketch of a butterfly in black and white Envision
  • Drawing of a butterfly taking flight in greyscale Execute
  • Artwork of a butterfly with wings spread in full color Evolve

Delivering an optimal customer experience across all touchpoints.

PSECU is a Pennsylvania-based credit union built around member needs. Being member-focused means delivering an optimal customer experience across all touchpoints, including digital. Paragon worked with PSECU to envision, design, and develop a new consumer-facing website that not only improves the customer experience through strategic information architecture and content – but also allows PSECU a platform for greater content personalization, site accessibility, and ultimately, increased conversion.

PSECU believes in “investing in members instead of a branch at every corner” – with a limited number of physical locations. This business model makes digital a focal point of the customer experience, with their consumer-facing website serving as a front door to a number of key online applications (such as applying for a mortgage, credit cards, online banking, etc.). As part of the website redesign, Paragon worked with PSECU to envision and build new “App Prep Pages” to more seamlessly and effectively transition users from the informational consumer site to these action-focused online applications. Now, users have individualized paths that keep their context with specialized transition pages for mortgage applications, credit cards, etc. These “App Prep Pages” provide users with information on what they’ll need to complete their application (driver’s license, etc.), how long it will take, and other pertinent information to prepare them to meet their goals. The result is a frictionless experience – leading to a greater likelihood of conversion.

Paragon built the new site with a component-based approach allowing PSECU to make future updates more easily and include personalization components where desired. As customer experience continues to gain importance in the financial services industry, PSECU is well-positioned to exceed their goal of putting members needs first.

Our customer’s experience matters to us. Not only did Paragon help us re-imagine and re-platform our website to a more sophisticated CMS, but their strategy and design-work helped improve the ease and confidence in which consumers interact with and engage with our financial services product set.

Karen Roland, AVP Marketing & Communications

PSECU’s new site extends the visual brand – with dramatic design improvements across all of their digital platforms, including responsive mobile and tablet views.

The “App Prep Pages” are designed to showcase the product a user is interested in. By limiting extraneous content and photos, dropping unnecessary navigational elements, and focusing on action-oriented content – these transition pages help the user prepare for the application pages and funnel them through toward conversion.

Paragon created a sophisticated library of components / templates for PSECU – allowing their marketing managers to create and edit content and set up future personalization components without the reliance on developer resources.