Case Study

Rebuilding a Patient-Centered Website

Services in this project:

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  • Artwork of a butterfly with wings spread in full color Evolve

Building and maintaining a website that meets the highest standards for quality and patient safety.

University Hospitals (“UH”) discovered Paragon as they were seeking a Sitecore implementation partner with expertise in supporting a system built by another agency.  After more than two years of Paragon’s day-to-day development support, technical guidance, and delivery of new solutions within their existing implementation, UH decided it was time for a full platform rebuild to optimize their digital experience.  Paragon worked with UH to envision and execute a new, patient-centered website complete with the full impact of Sitecore’s latest features and functionality – and the architectural stability and scalability for continued evolution.

In an effort to guide the strategies and tools necessary for UH’s proposed roadmap, Paragon organized a series of collaborative Thought Leadership sessions with UH team members – demonstrating how a properly built system can scale to utilize key Sitecore features.  Because Paragon was already helping to maintain UH’s current web property, we were able to speak to industry-specific complexities and provide technical oversight during the creative redesign process.  With a full understanding of UH’s vision for a new user experience, Paragon’s team of strategists and technical architects scoped a technical effort that aligned with their project timelines and budget.  At every step, the process was informed by a thorough review of requirements and documentation.

UH and Paragon then set out on a 19-month project to rebuild the website while simultaneously maintaining the role of supporting and enhancing the existing website.  New features were introduced to the existing site temporarily, and then made available for the project team to integrate into the new site. In the end, Paragon helped UH deliver and maintain a clean transition to the new website – one that matches the highest level of quality their patients have come to appreciate at all touchpoints in their journey.  

UH needed a knowledgeable and skilled partner to help leverage more advanced Sitecore capabilities. Paragon guided this complex process and helped UH create a more engaging website to better align with the needs of our patients along the digital patient journey.

Matt Eaves, VP Digital Marketing

UH patients sought a clear and actionable way to access treatment, location and provider information. To solve this challenge, Paragon implemented a customized architecture allowing UH to create a fully-responsive front end – enabling visitors to quickly and easily access key information with a conversion-focused design that enhanced the customer experience.

Designing a web experience tailored to a broad audience can be challenging – particularly when it comes to academic medical centers like UH whose targets include patients, medical providers, and researchers.  In addition to satisfying UH provider audiences, Paragon integrated with internal systems to significantly enhance UH’s “find a doctor” functionality as well as enable online appointment scheduling.  The new website also utilizes Sitecore functionality to deliver a personalized, rule-based content experience for visitors.

Paragon executed a fully integrated and redesigned UH website, utilizing an array of tools and third-party integrations.  As part of the solution, they also provided content migration and content entry, Sitecore custom training, and managed services such as ad-hoc infrastructure support and ongoing development support.