Marketing & Campaign Optimization

Deliver meaningful, conversion-focused digital experiences.

  • Extend your marketing team with Paragon’s specialized resources to test and optimize your conversion funnels.
  • Maximize your website platform to deliver a more personalized and engaging customer experience.
  • Get a better marketing ROI for your next campaign by delivering the right message to the right customer – at the right time.

Suggested ways to utilize your Convert resources:

  • Deploy personalization strategies
  • Optimize your conversion funnel
  • Develop journey-based marketing
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • A/B testing
  • UX fixes
  • Persona development
  • SEO optimization

How it works.

First, pick your plan’s service level.

Essential PreferredPrime
Dedicated Account Rep
Weekly Status Call
Ticket Monitoring System
Time to Estimate 3 business days2 business days1 business day
Digital Marketing Audit
Quarterly Planning Review
Monitor Plan
1 Month Rollover Hours
No Penalty Overage Hours
No Penalty After-Hours
Product / Project Manager
2 Expert Calls per Month

Then, customize your plan to meet your monthly needs.

Choose your hours:

Plans from 20 to 160+ hours per month.

Low-risk commitment: 

Only a 30-day cancelation policy.

Want additional savings? Ask us about an annual contract.

I will say that the Paragon team has been amazing. Your team is delivering what I expect to get from a vendor. It is refreshing.

Shelley, UPMC Pinnacle

Let us help find the right plan for you.

Contact us for options and pricing.


1. What if I want services from different plans?

Paragon’s service plans are designed to be stackable and complimentary – meaning you can buy more than one plan each month to satisfy a wide range of support needs. If you’d prefer one plan at a time, our 30-day cancellation policy allows you to nimbly switch plans as your needs evolve.  Alternatively, if you have limited and defined needs for different skillsets, our Flex plan allows you to fully-customize your monthly service for more fractional, retainer-style access to strategy, design, and development resources.

2. I’m interested but not ready to lock-in for a year. How long is my commitment?

We get it.  That’s why in addition to flexible hours, we provide a low-risk, flexible commitment – with only a 30-day cancellation notice required for each of our monthly service plans.  If you want to maximize your investment, our annual plans offer a discounted price.

3. I have specific needs. Can I choose the projects that we assign our Evolve resources to?

Absolutely.  In each of our plans, you’re in control of how to allocate the support we provide. Our Prime service level guarantees only one business day for sizing new projects, allowing you to quickly accelerate timely projects and achieve digital transformation. 

4. I’m not sure how many hours I need. Will I be penalized if I exceed our monthly commitment?

First, we offer flexibility up front to help you define your needs. With our Preferred or Prime plans there is no penalty for overage hours.  With our Prime plan, after-hours support is also available without a price increase.  We understand things happen when you don’t expect it – we’re here to help without the financial burden.

5. What if I don’t use all my hours during a given month?

We don’t want you to waste hours. That’s why our plans start at a low 20-hour per month commitment. Additionally, our Preferred and Prime service levels allow you to roll-over one month’s unused hours to the next. 

6. What are the Digital Marketing Audit and Quarterly Planning Review, and how are they different?

We start each Preferred and Prime-level engagement with a Digital Marketing Audit – a collaborative effort to assess your digital maturity (across seven categories and forty dimensions) and identify where you should be focusing your digital efforts to bring balance and gain overall momentum.  This produces a strategic set of priorities to tackle.  Our Quarterly Planning Reviews revisit this plan each quarter to adjust and align as needed based on changing business and market needs.

7. Can you help me manage my priorities?

Yes, our Prime service level provides you with a dedicated product/project manager as well as two expert calls per month to ensure you’re accelerating your pipeline and tackling projects from your bucket list in regularity!

8. How do I get started?

Contact us today to determine the right monthly plan and service level for your organization. We also offer additional savings for annual plans, just ask.

Not seeing the support service you need?

Check out our full suite of targeted and stackable Service Plans.

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