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It all starts with the customer.

At Paragon, research comes first. Your customers and stakeholders hold a wealth of knowledge. We believe that talking to (and learning from) them is the first step to developing a strategy and digital experience that not only engages, but endures.

Customer Research

Apply research tactics such as surveys, focus groups, and persona development to identify your customer’s needs and behaviors to more effectively engage your market.

Journey Mapping

Isolate unmet customer needs and pain points, the emotional factors that influence decision-making, and opportunities to improve the customer experience and increase conversion.

Service Design

Upgrade the service experience for both your customers and employees by uncovering back-end improvement opportunities to solve front-end pitfalls.

Content Strategy

Combine web content and digital assets into content lifecycle plans – or simply distill existing web copy into consumable material your customers actually need.

Digital Visioning & Strategy

Engage consumers with the right approach and tactics to deliver a frictionless and integrated omni-channel experience along each touchpoint in their journey.

Technology Assessment & Planning

Identify and deploy the best tools, techniques, and cutting-edge technology to ensure that your solutions are both customer-centric and scalable for long-term success.

Clients we’ve served:

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