Sitecore development staffing for any project size.

Find the perfect Sitecore developers to drive your company’s success.

  • 100+ Sitecore websites built

  • 750+ Sitecore-related projects

  • 40+ Certified Sitecore developers

  • 0 Offshore resources

Whether you’re looking for development resources to integrate a new Sitecore component or landing page, or strategic support to optimize your marketing campaigns with personalization – We can help. Our clients trust that when they engage Paragon for Sitecore-based staffing, their teams will be enhanced by the skills and experience we’ve gained over the past 20 years at the forefront of technical best-practices and innovation across hospitals & healthcare, finance & insurance, manufacturing & distribution, and other verticals. 

  • Scale quickly with full-time remote resources
  • Ensure the best fit with our proprietary PerfectMatch vetting process
  • Exclusively onshore experts work seamlessly with your internal teams
  • Benefit from our team’s strong technical and communication skills
  • Try our risk-free 2-week trial period
  • Paragon consultants exhibit intangible soft skills bringing an invaluable outside experience to your team
  • Add a fresh outside perspective to your team without the risk of a full-time hire

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Our Sitecore Staffing Solutions

Depth matters.  Having a TEAM of Sitecore specialists at your fingertips ensures you have the support you need to improve your DXP. Paragon’s Sitecore consultants offer the perfect blend of intangible soft skills and tangible technical expertise to help you maximize your Sitecore investment. A few ways you could utilize our Sitecore staffing include: 

Custom Modules & Components

Create custom modules or components to extend the functionality of the Sitecore platform.

Upgrades & Headless Migration

Lead easy and rapid Sitecore platform upgrade paths, including migration to Sitecore’s fully-composable and pure headless DXPs.

Sitecore Integration

Integrate Sitecore with other systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) or other custom API integrations.

UI and UX Improvements

Ensure the user interface (UI) of your Sitecore platform meets your specific needs and the user experience is optimized for conversions.


Launch new websites from scratch or maintain and update existing websites and applications.

Website Optimization

Improve page load times, optimize images and other media, and implement caching strategies.

The Benefits of Sitecore Staffing with Paragon

Unlike many competitors, resources are hand-selected from our full-time, onshore employees to carefully match each client’s needs – helping fast-growing and Fortune 500 companies quickly scale to achieve business critical results. 

Scale faster

Gain access to Sitecore MVPs and Certified Developers to take on projects of any size.

An outside perspective

Our Sitecore developers offer vast expertise across a variety of industries, adding a fresh perspective to any project.

Increase ROI

Maximize cost efficiency by limiting the need for long recruiting cycles, training, and the overhead of fully-loaded FTEs.

Enhanced efficiency

Having a fresh set of eyes on a project can open doors and bring new insights that may help improve your CX.

Accelerate timelines

Advance in-flight projects to meet deadlines and enhance the performance of everyone around them.

Onshore developers

Enjoy the benefits of onshore staff including clear, concise and responsive communication. 

Designing for Conversion


See how we worked with PSECU to envision, design and develop a new financial services website allowing for greater personalization, accessibility, and ultimately, increased conversion.
Read the Case Study
Bob Evans Website Redesign

UH needed a knowledgeable and skilled partner to help leverage more advanced Sitecore capabilities. Paragon guided this complex process and helped UH create a more engaging website to better align with the needs of our patients along the digital patient journey.

Matt Eaves, VP Digital Marketing, University Hospitals

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2-Week Trial

We guarantee our developers will get you the results you need.  You pay nothing if you decide to stop within two weeks.

Improve efficiency with our proprietary PerfectMatch process

Form “Goals” to “Go!” in 5 days or less.

For 30 years we’ve helped organizations of various sizes succeed by placing highly specialized Paragon consultants where they’re needed most. Time and time again they’ve proven their agility and competency, which is why they’re a part of Paragon. We trust them to be a part of our team and we want you to see the difference they can make to your team. Our process is human and high touch, yet fast.  What makes us different than AI-driven staffing firms is that we take pride in understanding your goals, then leveraging our Executive Team to vett the right candidates to match your business goals. 

1. Goals

You’ll share your needs and goals so that we can match the best candidates to help you succeed.

2. Vetted

Our IT Executives will vet the candidates first, ensuring you’ll get the skillsets you need.

3. Interview

You’ll interview the candidates— if you like them, work goes forward, if you don’t, tell us why and we’ll find a better fit.

4. Free Trial

Start a 2-week risk-free trial.

5. Go

If you’re satisfied, we’ll continue on, but you won’t be alone. We’ll issue status reports, and conduct regular check-ins to make sure you’re meeting your goals in the timetable you set.

Benefit from our decades of Sitecore expertise

  • 100+ Sitecore websites built
  • 750+ Sitecore-related projects
  • 40+ Sitecore certified developers
  • 0 offshore resources

See our full-suite of
Specialized Staffing solutions

Paragon’s full-stack developers offer the perfect blend of intangible soft skills and tangible technical expertise across frontend, backend, mobile, CMS & ecommerce, and cloud and data management.  A few of our specialty areas include:

  • CMS & Web Development: Optimizely, Angular, Optimizely, and more
  • Custom Application Development & Enhancements: .NET, Java, Python, and more
  • Data Sciences: Tableau, Power BI, Snowflake, Qlik, and more

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