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Staff augmentation isn’t just about adding resources.
It’s about adding value.

Paragon’s staff augmentation services are unique – with onshore resources and expertise across the full lifecycle of digital products and customer engagement including IT, strategy and design solutions.  Our clients can trust that when they engage Paragon for staff augmentation, their teams will be enhanced by the skills and experience we’ve gained over the past 20 years at the forefront of technical best-practices and innovation across hospitals & healthcare, finance & insurance, manufacturing & distribution, and other verticals.  Unlike many competitors, Paragon’s free-thinking resources are hand-selected from our full-time employees to carefully match each client’s needs – helping fast-growing and Fortune 500 companies quickly scale to achieve business critical resultsthrough our exceptional talent, support and strategic vision, all without ever skipping a beat.   It’s how we add value.

Access Full-Lifecycle Talent

Staffing services across strategy, design, development, business analysis (BA), project management (PM), testing (QA), training and environmental/infrastructure engineering.

Accelerate Project Timelines

Our talented, reliable resources know how to assimilate into existing teams and in-flight projects to meet deadlines and enhance the performance of everyone around them.

Increase ROI

Maximize cost efficiency by limiting the need for long recruiting cycles, training, and the overhead of fully-loaded FTEs –  while gaining more flexibility to quickly scale up and down.  

“Custom Fit” Assignment

Paragon’s resources are hand-picked to match each client’s project goals and needs, undergoing a stringent technical evaluation before ever being introduced to a client.  

Expert Onshore Developers

Enjoy the benefits of onshore staff including clear, concise and responsive communication, ability for face-to-face meetings, and time zone matching, among others. 

Full Knowledge Transfer

Package and delivery of all project assets and lessons learned to uncover future efficiencies – while assessing potential resource needs for maintenance and longer-term visions.

We know that many businesses may require remote talent during these uncertain times. We can help make this work for you. 

Visioning & Strategy | Customer journey mapping, technology assessment & planning, content strategy
Web & Mobile | Discovery, UxD, Search, IA, development, integration, page creation, automation & personalization, AI 
Platforms & Technologies | SitecoreEpiserverCoveo, Microsoft Azure, WordPress, iOs, Android, Alexa, Amazon Web Services
Application Development | C#, XHTML, HTML5, PHP, SQL, CSS, .NET, AWS, CMS, CRM proficiencies
Data Management | Data integration, data migration, analytics, reporting, CX measurement
QA | Deployment, UAT support, Usability Testing, A/B testing
Training & Managed Services | Application support, platform upgrades, environmental management, project & technical management

Technical Partnerships:

Flexible Staffing Arrangements

Paragon offers staffing across Marketing and IT, as well as any group that bridges the gap between strategy, design, implementation and ongoing support. Our flexible arrangements are tailored to fit your needs and budget – with weekly check-ins, full accountability and engaged team members that you’ll grow to interact with as your own. And, you don’t pay for what you don’t use.

Retainer Buckets

Retainer-style placement of resources for increased flexibility.

Project-Based Staffing

Resources for a specific project or timeline.

Part-Time Placement

Part-time placement based on a set number of hours.

Full-Time Placement

Full-time placement based on weekly, monthly or longer needs.

UH needed a knowledgeable and skilled partner to help leverage more advanced Sitecore capabilities. Paragon guided this complex process and helped UH create a more engaging website to better align with the needs of our patients along the digital patient journey.

Matt Eaves, VP Digital Marketing

Rebuilding a Patient-Centered Website

University Hospitals

See how we worked with University Hospitals to envision and execute a new, patient-centered website complete with Sitecore’s latest features and functionality – and the architectural stability and scalability for continued evolution.
Read the Case Study
Hospitals & Healthcare Industry

Clients we’ve served:

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