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Voice is expected to be an $80 billion market by 2023.
Are you ready?

Like the internet was in the 1990s and mobile devices in the 2000s, voice is poised to be the next big technology movement. Smart speakers are the fastest growing consumer technology since the smartphone, with over 200 million Alexa-enabled devices are in customers’ hands worldwide in 2020. Voice user interface design will serve an important role in how organizations deliver meaningful customer experiences.  We work with your team to envision cutting-edge opportunities to achieve key business goals through voice user interface design, then execute on that vision with custom Alexa and voice-based skills that help your organization:

  • Better deflect customer support phone calls
  • Implement service design improvements
  • Capitalize on increased use of voice searches
  • Learn what your customers want with voice analytics
  • Increase conversion
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Position your brand as a technology leader
  • Gain more satisfied, loyal customers

Voice user interface design will serve an important role in how organizations create meaningful customer experiences as consumer’s expectations grow in this space.

Let’s talk about how your organization can best integrate Alexa into your marketing plan.

Types of Voice Skills

Each Voice Skill is unique – and each Interaction Model serves a different purpose. Paragon will help envision and execute your project to reach your organization’s goals.

Single-Turn Dialogue

Instructional commands such as reminders.

Multi-Turn Conversations

Conversations dealing with a variety of responses and contingencies.

Knowledge Skills

Organizational charts, building information, events product catalogues, FAQs & more.

Voice Commerce

Search for and purchase products online.

Game & Multimodal Skills

Adaptive skills for many screen device types such as the Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Fire TV.

Learn how we helped a nationally-ranked Academic Medical Center improve their customer’s urgent care experience by envisioning, designing and implementing an Alexa Skill that helps users find the urgent care clinic that is closest to them, has the shortest drive time and/or wait time, and request an appointment.

Our Voice Design Blog Series

Read our four-part blog series to learn practical tips for delivering meaningful voice-powered customer experiences.

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