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Today’s digital consumer expects a sophisticated search and shopping experience.

With Coveo, we help turn that expectation into reality.

Since 2011, Paragon has partnered with Coveo to deliver AI-powered business solutions that drive conversion.  We strategically implement and integrate Coveo with an array of technologies – leveraging connectors for Sitecore, Episerver, Microsoft, .NET and many other platforms to create more robust search experiences with richer personalization.  A leader in Enterprise Search solutions, Paragon has deployed Coveo to help our clients deliver and manage their most effective customer experiences – whether through frictionless onsite search, contextually-relevant and engaging content, or more tailored product recommendations.

Coveo for Sitecore

Leverage our cross-platform expertise and technical partnerships to optimize Coveo for Sitecore and other CMS connectors for more personalized search-to-conversion experiences.

Deliver better, more intelligent search results through cloud-based artificial intelligence – understanding the intention of your customers and providing results that are most likely to drive conversion.   

e-Commerce Enhancements

Dynamically populate recommended products based on customer attributes and browsing – creating a more sticky, personalized, and effortless online shopping experience.  

Dynamic Content Personalization

Present personalized content to individual users – using machine learning to automatically predict and present the most relevant content to maximize the impact of each touchpoint in the buyer’s journey.

Seamless User Experience

Comprehensive services including strategy and user experience design to seamlessly integrate faceted navigation and other sophisticated Coveo features into the overall digital experience. 

Insights & Measurement

Discover invaluable information about the customer journey by measuring traffic and search behaviors via click counts and click ranks – all in real-time.

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