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Friction-free content personalization meets commerce in an easy to use, intuitive CMS platform.

As a partner with a rich history of strategy, user experience design and development expertise, Paragon is skillfully positioned to help clients deliver a fast, efficient and customer-centric Episerver deployment.  We architect enterprise websites that maximize the impact of Episerver’s best-in-class CMS – from robust commerce functionality to advanced, easy-to-use content personalization.  A well-executed website that integrates content, commerce and marketing can improve conversion and bottom-line results – while simultaneously providing a digital experience that fosters loyal, happy customers.  We get that. That’s why our free-thinking onshore strategists and technical architects strive to make those outcomes a reality for each project we lay our hands on.  It’s that same level of commitment and confidence that makes us a trusted partner.

Quick & Efficient Deployment

Comprehensive implementation services to take advantage of Episerver’s speed to market and drive better customer experiences. 


Combine commerce and personalized content with Insight Commerce™ to improve the buyer journey and drive conversion through integrated data, decisions, and experience.

Content Strategy 

Manage content faster with Content Cloud™ including easy authoring, smart media management and other features, while using AI to create 1-to-1 content experiences.

AI-Powered Personalization

Drive upsells, basket size and conversion via integrated site search and automated personalization features based on machine learning, without needing to build complex rules.

Strategy & User Experience Design

Strategy, user experience design and custom development solutions to maximize your Episerver investment while ensuring an optimal experience at each point in the customer journey.

Analytics & Optimization

Managed service solutions to help with visitor analytics, A/B testing and experience optimization to discover opportunities to evolve your site and continuously exceed customer needs. 

Engagement Models to Fit Your Need

There are many ways to work with us, and we tailor each engagement precisely to our client’s needs.


Workshops to refine your strategy, design & development goals.

Fixed Fee / Scoped Project

Resources for a scoped project and timeline.

Full-Time Resource

Staff augmentation or ad-hoc consulting buckets for resources.

Retainer / Partial Resource

Retainer-style resource placement for increased flexibility.

Designing for Conversion


See how we worked with PSECU to envision, design and develop a new financial services website allowing for greater personalization, accessibility, and ultimately, increased conversion.
Read the Case Study
Bob Evans Website Redesign

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Paragon uncovers deep customer insights to help organizations envision and execute their most complex digital objectives—and then manage, maintain and evolve them to exceed customer expectations.
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